One More 2017 Prediction

Hacktivism against Donald Trump. This will happen bigly. You’re gonna see some of the best, the absolute best hacktivism directed against Donald Trump. Real gold standard stuff here. They will hack the cyber like you wouldn’t believe. They’ll hack so much, they’ll get tired of hacking, but then they’ll hack some more. They’ll make hacking great again.

In all seriousness, the man is a lightning rod and will be attacked. He doesn’t have to be attacked directly, either. I just read of how six radio stations were hacked to broadcast an anti-Trump rap song. The hacktivists in this case did not go against a Trump-owned or -affiliated web property, but exploited a weakness somewhere to broadcast a general anti-Trump message.

Probably the biggest target will be Twitter accounts. Trump has made his Twitter account his official mouthpiece, so taking control of that would be the top achievement for any anti-Trump hacker. But what else could be targeted?

Did your firm make a deal with Trump? You are a target. Did your firm’s owner support Trump in public – or perhaps didn’t condemn him swiftly enough for the taste of an anti-Trump person? You are in the crosshairs of hactivists. Did your firm or organization make a donation to his campaign fund? There is a big bullseye on your website.

Think along those lines and the more Trump does controversial things, the more cyberattacks will be launched specifically to protest those controversies.

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