Election Fraud Alert – August 2016

This made me chuckle: https://www.yahoo.com/news/fbi-says-foreign-hackers-penetrated-000000175.html

Oh, so NOW elections can be hacked? Sheesh… where were these guys when Diebold began putting out voting machines that had no paper trail to corroborate votes with? That was back in the 90s and I remember howling about those. There was the Mexican national election of 1988, in which Cuahutemoc Cardenas was in the lead, strongly, when “the system crashed”… after being restored, Carlos Salinas de Gortari was out in front. All the ballots were burned three years later so that nobody could check to see if the voting database had been restored properly after crashing. President de la Madrid later admitted that the voting that year had been rigged. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_general_election,_1988

We’ve had in the US media outlets print election results before voting happened (most recently in Florida), voter registration screening software match white felons’ names to innocent black citizens, voter registration software deny the existence of residences (and hence said residents’ right to vote), and other miscarriages of election justice with specifically digital components to them. The idea that only just now are election machines vulnerable to hackers (no doubt mustache-twirling Russians!) is outrageous.

Thing is, those Diebold boxes are incredibly vulnerable to local tampering. There’s no need to run an attack on voting databases over a network. Physical access to the Diebolds means they can be made to report whatever the guy with access wants them to report. No paper trail, remember? So a story like this sounds a lot to me like part of a propaganda campaign, to extend a narrative that needs to be spun for possible future use.

We’ve already seen a narrative connect Russians to Donald Trump. I wonder aloud if we won’t see Trump victories blamed on voter fraud, connected back to “Russians” without any credible evidence offered up, and then see Trump’s cronies face criminal voter fraud charges. Such a move would be a “just in case” maneuver, should the election need a little stealing to get it back on track with how certain people believe it should come out. Interesting how the states mentioned were Illinois, a Democrat-leaning state, and Arizona, a “battleground” state. Illinois is a red herring: Arizona is where fun can be had. That state, plus 10 more electoral votes from either Missouri or Nevada plus New Hampshire, would be all that Clinton needs to get 270 electoral votes and win the election. This is why the story runs… just in case Clinton needs another 11 to win, she’s sown the seeds in Arizona to cast doubt on that election’s outcome, should it go towards the “Russian” favorite son, Donald Trump.

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