Interview Guide, Part One

All the skills in the universe don’t mean a thing if you can’t put them to use in a job. Jobs aren’t handed out like candy at a kid’s party: you have to go and get them. To get a job, you have to interview for a job. I’m going to write up a series on interviewing to help all you miserable mortals be a little less miserable, so that when I come to destroy the world, you’ll have something to lose and you won’t be looking forward to the end of your misery. Those kinds of things are important to me. So, here we go with interview advisements.

The most important thing about advice is that it be easy to remember. So here you go: BIG WET. You are not likely to forget that. BIG stands for being big. If you feel larger, you project strength. It’s the way animals raise up when threatened: getting bigger means they’re less likely to get whacked. If you sit openly and assertively – in a big way – you can send a message that you’re in charge of your side of things and that you can add something to any enterprise. Before you go in, look in a mirror with your hands over your head, standing tall, stretching out, being BIG, in a word.

While you’re doing the big thing, go with the W, which is for win. If you visualize yourself winning, you enter the interview with confidence. Confidence tells the interviewers that you’re the kind of person that they want to be working with. As you do your big moves, tell yourself that you’re a winner and that you might very well be the best. Not one of the best – the best. Imagine that and go in smiling.

Smiling is part of the E, energy. You can never have too much appropriate energy in an interview. You might think it’s ridiculous, but the interviewer will think you’re the only person that’s really excited about the opportunity. You won’t be applying because you’re desperate for any job or because you decided to show up for another interview that might actually deliver. No, you will be happy to be there and eager for what lies ahead. Win.

The T is for truth. You need to tell the truth about yourself in the best way possible. If you leave gaps in your responses, the interviewer will wonder if you’re trying to deceive him. Be forthright, but be tactful. Find the best way of saying things and that will build off your winning energy.

I can elaborate more on each of these areas, but for now, just remember: BIG WET.

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