Go Cheap, Then Go Home

There’s the old saw about being penny wise and pound foolish. If you’re a company officer, and you’re looking to skimp on network security and redundancy to save a few bucks up front, just ask yourself this one little question:

How much money will you lose when your network goes completely down due to a security incident or a major hardware failure of a key device? Those events are not possibilities, they are guaranteed to happen at some time in the future. Does the future cost justify the short-term savings?

Does your IT staff agree with your assessment?

If you pay up front and have a secure network with high availability, your network guys aren’t printing off this article in secret and sliding it under your door. They’re satisfied that you’ve followed due diligence and that they won’t have to try and find another job before the big meltdown hits so that they won’t be blamed for your stinginess.

If this article *does* wind up passed to you surreptitiously, then rather than going after the guy that dropped the note on you, how about you revisit those budget figures for network security and high availability and get a better set of solutions in line so that when disaster happens, your network guys are positioned to deal with it appropriately.

At the end of the day, it’s your call, but don’t be surprised if the good talent bails out on a bad network.

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