Every Fibre Optic Is a Loaded Fibre Optic

Although not every fibre optic cable will have power sufficient to burn out a human eye, there are enough out there that can to warrant a caution to never direct the end of a fibre optic at an eye, unless one intends to do that eye grave harm.

Would that that was the only cautionary tale to go with fibre. But, alas! It is not! There is also the danger of scraps of fibre from an installation landing on your hands… and then you rub your eyes with your hands… and AIIIEEEEEE! Not a good situation. Or, you could be installing fibre and little bits of it fly through the air, direct to your eyes, and… AIIIEEEEEE! Put on the wraparaound safety glasses and keep them on. Remember that eyes are very much like computers: you take care of the ones you want to keep.

So are your innards. That’s why it’s a good idea to never have food or drink near where you’re working with fibre. Most people cannot eat glass, due to the harm it causes them. You are most likely in the category of “most people.” Therefore, exercise caution.

With a few proper safety measures, you can have a safe and happy fibre optic installation. But there is one safety tip that is best of all…

… get a disposable minion to install the fibre optic for you. Then, when the fibre is all up and running, toss the minion into the shoggoth pens so he doesn’t track up the office with all those nasty particles of glass and what-not that go with fibre installations.

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