Networking Lab of Doom

If you’re just now learning about networking, try this one out for fun.

1. Get a switch. Plug in a few client PCs and devices. Give them all static IP addresses on the same subnet.
2. Have the devices ping each other, maybe access a file share or two. Life is good, right?

Well, that’s not the lab. It really starts in step 3.

3. Take a network cable and plug both ends of it into the switch.
4. NOW try to ping or share files. Not so good, is it?

Watch what the switch does between plugging in the cable and unplugging it. Learn to spot the difference because if you see this thing in real life, you will want to be able to stop it, and quick.

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One Response to “Networking Lab of Doom”

  1. Stubbins McHodworth says:

    If you kind of squint right, you can see the tidal wave of packets building in the lights on the switch.

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