So You Want a CCENT…

OK, so you want a CCENT…

You want Wendell Odom’s book: Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 Official Cert Guide
You’ll then want the sequel for your CCNA: CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2 200-101 Official Cert Guide
You’ll then want to round things out with: CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack

Wendell Odom is a great tech writer and I enjoyed his books for my CCENT/CCNA prep. I took the tests that expire in September. These books are for the new versions of the tests. Read them and do the practice tests until you get 95% or better every time you take a practice test. Repetitive? Yes. That’s how it’s done.

You’ll also want GNS3 and Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate hardware, unless you happen to have some handy in your house. If you do plan on getting your own hardware, check here and we can let you know if it’s a good deal or not… or what you may want to make sure about the product before you buy. I bought my own hardware after reading about people getting burned buying “certification lab bundles”. I’m glad I did, as I got more good hardware for less than what someone was charging for a bundle of gear that was good for the last rev of the cert exam…

Google is your friend. Ask a question, then Google up the answer. If you don’t understand the answer, Google some more or find a discussion forum for networkers and bring them your question. You learn a lot that way and you feel sure about your knowledge.

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