Fibre Channel and iSCSI

In SAN environments, admins can choose between Fibre Channel (FC), FC over Ethernet (FCoE), and iSCSI to get their data from users and servers to the storage system. So what are the differences?

FC is like the guys from Top Gear going down a perfect ribbon of road in three Italian supercars. They can floor it, swing around the corners crossing both lanes, and arrive at their destination in good order while telling us we all need a Ferrari convertible. iSCSI is a dozen Mini Coopers pulling off the Italian Job. They’ll get to their destination, just don’t ask how they got there.

iSCSI is also a good deal cheaper, unless you already have a massive fibre network that you want to justify keeping around. Just be careful to not overload your iSCSI system with nodes: gridlock with Mini Coopers is still gridlock… and the lads in the Ferraris will just laugh at you.

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