Affordable Benefits, Part I: Healthcare

I hear all the time CEOs complaining about Obamacare this and regulations that. Frankly, I’m fed up with all the jibber-jabber. Where’s the action? You’re an executive, so your job is to execute, not whine. Creative approaches to health care a possible, and can provide your workforce with world-class benefits at underworld prices.

I’m being literal about the pricing. You’ve got to go the route of mob doctors, or you’ll be bled dry by creeping costs. Do you think that, for one second, an unlicensed physician that has a Consigliere with a bullet in his arm on his kitchen table is going to order up unnecessary procedures or charge ten bucks for an aspirin? Absolutely not. He’ll charge fair market rates for both parts and labor. Organizations everywhere are already going the route of keeping part-timers to 29 hours/week and professionals as 1099 contractors. Your firm will do the same thing, but if you keep a stable of medical school graduates that are desperate to pay off their med school loans, you can offer affordable, effective health care that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

How good will the care be? The great news is that since it’s all part of an illegal enterprise, you can extend the illegality into how you manage your health care professionals. In the legitimate world, a doctor that screws up can fight a malpractice case and can walk away with little, if any, damage should he win. In the underworld, what a doctor saves in malpractice insurance he makes up for in accountability. Mess up with an off-the-books job, and you’ll be encased in an oil drum filled with concrete. Those guys have incentives to provide the best care imaginable.

Your employees will be eternally thankful to you when you go the mob doctor route to both cut health care costs and improve the level of coverage. Rivals will at first wonder how you do it and then go that route themselves eventually. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win-win for management, employees, and doctors that don’t make mistakes.

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