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Security Threat to Monolith Gateway Products

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

R’lyeh Consulting has become aware of attempts made by illiterate hominids to compromise the integrity of Monolith Gateways deployed in remote sites. The attempts seem to be denial-of-service attacks with an eye towards physical damage to the devices.

The attack signature involves the illiterate hominids forming a band around the base of the monolith. The hominids then begin to scream and shout, which can interfere with Monolith transmissions in the range of audible sound. The hominids will also attempt to gain physical contact with the devices. The hominids involved in these attacks have been implicated in at least one murder, and are to be assumed to be armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to confront them if you discover them: Instead, contact R’lyeh Consulting for a proper response to their aggressive threats.